Tuesday, April 27, 2010

the power of yes

Back to my blog after a break. I meant to be here sooner rather than later but in the final analysis I do what I can when I can. Often, it seems the action is painfully slow if I apply measurements. So, I try to measure things of more consequence like the weight of a raindrop versus a dewdrop, the velocity of ideas, and the power of doing.

I am witness to some positive and forward movement in another writer's career. Since this writer is also a close friend, I have a terrific vantage point. What I see gives me hope and helps me in retooling some of my practices and assumptions.

Several things have propelled this writer as I understand it from what we have discussed and what I have gleaned.

1- An abiding belief in her work. Repeat the mantra. I am writer, it is what I love and will do. This is not to say she has not had doubts. The final few weeks before her break were the most intense I witnessed. Fraught with self doubt and exhausted by the rejections, there were times I know she wondered if she would "make it". How much can one frail writer's ego endure? Turns out, much more than you would think. Try over 186(I think) at last count.

2-A support system of writers who share her dream, believe in her talent, and believe in their talent. Add a shake of K. Gibran's directive that Work is love made visible. Viola - an important network for bouncing ideas, rewrites, and reminding one another after the umpteenth rewrite to wish upon those falling stars (after pausing to absorb and jot a few notes about the beauty of the night sky). Reciprocity-in the middle of the day, the night, returning the energy invested by reinvesting in other writer's works and struggles. My friend introduced me, a loner, to a community of heart, brains, and tenacity. I'm no longer flying solo with no net.

3- The Work, the Art, whatever you use to describe that which is produced should be the best it can be. Your best- each and every time - that is what you as a writer/artist owe to the effort. This means rewrite, rethink, redo. For me this is one of the most powerful aspects of writing - bending, folding, morphing creativity. There may not be any new ideas; most writers have heard, "I had that idea for a book." How we tell the story, the characters who they are and the emotions they evoke in readers, this is where I think there is newness.

So, a heartfelt thank you to my writer friend for keeping me in the loop and energizing my dreams again. And a huge congratulations for crossing over into actualization. Well done!

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  1. Melissa,

    Beautiful, moving post. I am shedding happy tears as I read it. You are the generous one, always willing to lend an ear, your hands, your eyes and heart to your friends. A special thank you for all the support you've given me and for the wonderful insight and editing you offer. I cannot see the flaws in my own work. Too close. But you gently point me in the right direction and help make the WIP better, which is oh-so-important to me as a writer. Thank you a bazillion times for all you've done for me. Most of all, thank you for your kind, loving and generous heart, for your genuine delight in my good fortune and for being an all-round good egg. Your time is coming, my friend. Believe and keep creating. I am proof positive that the dream is possible.