Sunday, June 19, 2011

You are only lost if you think you are?

While attempting to learn about and write a romantic suspense, another year has passed. Besides reading suspense authors, I took a few side trips. These excursions included online classes here and there, talking to writers, loops and more reading, writing and dreaming as time moved relentlessly on.

The RS ended up being too gory-more horror than romance-and too much fantasy. In the laborious process of trying to make myself fit and write what was logical to pursue, I frequently wandered from the goal. I began to play with other ideas: I couldn't help it, avoid it, or shut it down. It makes me crazier than I already am when this happens. And I love that it happens. A middle grade fantasy and two characters emerged.

I recently attended a webinar - the guest lecturer was... if my dreams come true agent. Said agent is critiquing pitches from attendees. Wow! So, what did I pitch? Not my Golden Heart finalist ms, not my angel fantasy, not my "real" novel - but my middle grade pitch.

Once again I find myself following another path. And I am grateful. I am having fun writing.